After being a voracious reader for so many years, I decided to try writing, and my blog “Adventures in Food, Travel and Life” was born.

Three years and over three hundred posts on personal development, lifestyle, adventure travel (plus the odd recipe) later I figured there might be a book in there somewhere. “Besides”, I reasoned, “How hard could it be? I’ve done all the heavy lifting already. With this naive state of mind, I gave myself a year to complete the project.

Ten years later I finally published that book titled, Punch Failure in the Face, Then Buy It a Beer. After that, I exhaled and vowed to never do that again; at least not for a while.

And while I may write another book, one day for now I want to concentrate on writing about ideas and strategies to live lives of happiness and joy. Because really, isn’t living well the most important thing we can do? I believe it is; and as such, I want to help by sharing stories of people’s experiences.

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