After being a voracious reader for so many years, I decided the time had arrived to try my hand at writing; and with that, my blog www.davidknappfisher.com “Adventures in Food, Travel and Life” was born.

Some three hundred plus posts later on the topics of personal development, lifestyle, adventure travel experiences and the occasional recipe, I got to thinking there might be a book in there somewhere. “Besides”, I reasoned, “Since I’d done all the heavy lifting already, how hard could writing a book really be?” With this in mind, I gave myself one year to complete the project.

Ten years, a title change, many discarded ideas and literally thousands of edits (employing two editors and a design/layout specialist) later I finally published my first book, Punch Failure in the Face, Then Buy It a Beer. After that, I exhaled and vowed never to do that again; at least not for a while.

And while I may write another book someday, for now I want to concentrate on writing more organically by covering topics, ideas and strategies anyone can follow to live more fulfilling lives of happiness and joy. Because really, isn’t living our best lives the most important thing we can do; I mean not just for us, but also for our families? I believe it is. And I want to help.

If you’d like to access my writing, you can do so in three ways. Just follow the appropriate link(s) below.