Punch Failure in the Face


If failure had a face, wouldn’t you want to punch it?

We all experiences failure; but what if rather than viewing it as a bad thing, instead we viewed it as a friend who challenges us all Fight Club style to become a better version of ourselves? A friend we’re so grateful for that once the dust settles we’d happily buy them a beer?

Taken from his book of the same name, Punch Failure in The Face (Then Buy it a Beer) is a collection of personal stories, strategies and philosophies from David’s bumpy, often-humorous journey which saw him go from high school failure to self-styled entrepreneur.

If you or your organization promotes individual growth and achievement, Punch Failure in the Face is the perfect talk to fire up your people.


  • Defining Success (It’s not what most people think)
  • Using our so-called “Failures” To Fuel Our actual “Wins”
  • The Importance of Personal Leadership Skills
  • Why Self-Education Is Critical for Success
  • Simple Ways to Effectively Communicate To Anyone

Running Time: Two Hours*

* Special pricing when including copies of the book for attendees*