Personal Leadership 101


Everyone knows leadership involves managing groups of people towards success; but what is Personal Leadership, and why is it so important to our individual success?

Personal Leadership is the management of self; it’s holding oneself to an above-average standard by applying the same habits and principles we use to lead high performance teams and individuals. It’s creating our ultimate personal brand.

Personal Leadership defines a direction for our life; it ensures we move forward with a clear vision that employs consistency and best practices. Regardless of whoever is or isn’t watching—or during those times when there’s no glory or praise to reap—Personal Leadership keeps us focused on doing the right things, making us better leaders, parents, friends, partners, and overall people.

The principles discussed in this presentation act like a compass that points people in the right direction. Participants learn actionable strategies that can be used immediately to help present the best version of themselves, both personally and professionally.

Program Running Time: 120 mins