13 WEEKS OF CLARITY – A “One-on-One” Mentorship Program

If you are feeling stuck or unsure what you want out of life, I can help, and here’s why: I’ve got a knack for reverse-engineering the achievement process which I use to see several steps down the road. This skill is invaluable because it helps us anticipate and prepare for problems and challenges BEFORE they happen.

Once we’ve decided on what your end result(s) look like, together we’ll work backwards together to create our plan to bring it (them) to fruition. invaluable because this helps us anticipate and tackle any problems we have before they happen.

Best of all, once we have developed a personalized achievement program that revolves around your goals, we give it extra attention each week via task assignments, and our one-on-one live accountability calls.

Mentee’s begin the 13-week program by clarifying exactly what they want to achieve over the next year in any (or several) of the following areas: 

  • Defining Personal Success: Asking, “What Makes ME Feel Happy and Fulfilled?”
  • Personal Leadership:  Learning The Traits and Best Practices of Leaders    
  • Self-Education: Using Personal Development to Develop an Edge
  • Dollars and Sense: Developing Financial Acuity and Making a Plan
  • Communication Skills:  Mastering All Forms of Communication
  • Health & Wellness: Creating a Self-Care Routine for Inner Peace

Once areas have been identified, mentees work one-on-one with David together as they build a plan complete with weekly actions steps and accountability calls, to make sure they are on track to develop the habits needed to achieve their goals.

Over the three months of work and assignments the aggregate of these smaller goals will be designed to develop the skills and habits needed to excel in the areas of concern, thereby creating a path to success; success as defined by the mentee.

The mentorship program is 13 weeks long and includes:

  • All materials and worksheets
  • 1 hour introduction call with David
  • 12 weekly ½ hour calls with David
  • 13 follow up emails


A one-time payment of $1,999 USD, or three monthly payments of $700 USD.

What makes my program different from working with a traditional coach is I only work with people for three months – period. I feel three months is enough time to hit specific goals and/or targets students want to hit, but are unsure how to do so. If you are looking for a longer term commitment, I can recommend coaches who do that too.

If this sounds intriguing but you have questions (and you should), please contact me personally. If after our talk you decide it’s not for you, no problem. There’s no cost or obligation for the consultation call.