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We all experience failure; but rather than viewing it as a bad thing, what if we viewed it as a friend who challenges us “Fight Club style” to become a better version of ourselves? A friend we’re so grateful for that once the dust settles we’d happily buy them a beer?

Punch Failure in the Face is a collection of personal stories, anecdotes, strategies, ideas and philosophies from David Knapp-Fisher’s bumpy, often humorous journey from high school failure to self-styled entrepreneur. Each chapter offers a valuable life lesson he’s learned (usually the hard way), and presented here for one reason, which is this:

These ideas have contributed to his living an awesome – yet imperfect – life of abundance, happiness, fulfillment, joy, financial security and overall personal freedom; and they can do the same for you. 


A candid, yet fun book that not just entertains but gives anyone wanting to make changes in their life, actionable tips. There are tips in the areas of finances, communication, life lessons, success and leadership. David is a testament to someone who is resilient and completely authentic ‘regular guy’, and after reading this book, I feel like I have some tools to course correct in my own life. Highly recommend this book, and great for any age or stage in life! ~ Troy Young

I am inspired by the discipline, the great stories of hope, the Oreo cookies are a bonus, and the step-by-step approach very easy to follow. I appreciated the calls to action. Within the first number of pages, I felt inspired to overcome procrastination and take action.~ Jacqueline McAdam

Punch Failure in the Face is an inspiring read for anyone who wishes to improve themselves or their experience of life. The book is packed with sections on success, personal leadership, self-education, life lessons, finances and communication. The section that resonated most with me was on Personal Leadership. In one chapter titled, ‘Trust in the Woo-Woo of the Universe,’ David outlines what it means to truly help others – and not expect anything in return. The world needs more Helpers, now more than ever, to step up to the plate and do the right thing to help humanity and the planet. This was a great collection of stories only instead of a read it felt like a friend was telling me over a couple of beers. Highly recommend.~ M Haynes

Knocked me out with simple, practical life lessons. A very conversational read as if I were having a coffee with David and getting a massive download of insights and practical life-lessons. So nice to get to know more of someone’s story. David is a constant source of inspiration and a great example of a life well lived. David walks the talk.~ Chris Burge

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