The Connectivity Ninja


We all know people who appear to grow their network effortlessly; You know, those people who, whenever social stigma, awkwardness or stern gatekeepers get in their way, can effortlessly slice through them like a hot knife through butter… Who are these networking superheroes, and what’s their secret?

I call these people Connectivity Ninjas; and their so-called “superpowers” are actually just skills that anyone can learn to gain an edge in both their lives and businesses.

In this interactive presentation I not only share the four key strategies of Connectivity Ninjas but also facilitate participants in actively developing them in actual time to create both a lasting skill set creating a memorable experience for everyone involved.  

The Secrets of the Connectivity Ninja keynote is an ideal opening for any conference; in fact, many event organizers have credited it for setting up their conferences for success and past participants have consistently scored both its delivery and content highly.* 

If you want your event to stand out due to an extraordinary participant’s involvement and engagement, then look no further than The Secrets of the Connectivity Ninja keynote. You–and your participants–will be glad you did!

Running Time: One hour; or can be included in an abbreviated version for emcee duties.